Test Antares Harmony Engine EVO & AVOX Articulator EVO (Vocal Processing demo with Cimmone Ferry vocal)


Dim, 12 Oct 2014 00:00:01 GMT

Demoing Antares Plugins. Harmony Engine & Articulator are the 2 plugins that are usefull to me (pitchers, warmer, puncher, not useful already having stuffs like that from other brands).
Using 64bites versions under Windows 7 x64 in Presonus Studio One 2.6.3.

Vocal from http://soundcloud.com/cimmone/

My remix using this : https://soundcloud.com/delchambre/cimmone-ferry-while-youre-sleeping-les-compos-inachevees-remix

permalink : http://www.delchambre.be/?e=test_antares_evo_harmony_engine_avox

DAW Summing Harrison Mixbus vs Presonus Studio One


Sam, 23 Mar 2013 00:00:01 GMT

Après l achat de l Harrison Mixbus pour quelques dizaines de dollars, voici une comparaison A/B avec une sommation sur Presonus Studio One. Le réel intérêt de Mixbus est plus selon moi dans l interface du mixer (tout sous les yeux) que dans le grain apporté (on peut faire la même chose, voir mieux car plus de choix, dans studio one avec les consoles d AlexB sur Nebula). Par contre il peut être intéressant de faire son mix/master dans mixbus après avoir fait la compo et les arrangements dans studio one. Au moins on aura pas tendance à mélangé les étapes du workflow. Gros reproche à mon niveau, Mixbus n est pas x64 :<

permalink : http://www.delchambre.be/?e=mixbus_vs_studioone

Kush Audio Clariphonic Acustica Nebula vs DSP with Plogue Bidule


Dim, 10 Mar 2013 00:00:01 GMT

Acustica Nebula Clariphonic version, very easy to use with plogue bidule ... Other test between Clariphonic DSP and Olonga AIR package for Acustica Nebula.

permalink : http://www.delchambre.be/?e=kush_clariphonic_bidule

Kush Audio Clariphonic Acustica Nebula vs DSP


Mer, 27 Fév 2013 00:00:01 GMT

ear the difference, compare how to use them, and choose depending on the sound, your budget, your workflow ...

permalink : http://www.delchambre.be/?e=kush_clariphonic

Universal Audio UAD2 x64 drivers


Mer, 28 Nov 2012 00:00:01 GMT

here are the official links, no need to wait for the uaudio.com website.

permalink : http://www.delchambre.be/?e=uad_x64

some comments from social networks ...

something different. in a good way!
nice remix. :)
cool fx!
Great Sounds
Done your own version of the song :)
thanks for this exciting trip.
très créatif et bonne gestion de "l'étrange", une production qui n'abdique pas ;-)
Good work man.
great atmosphere!
solid professional mix man!
nice remix, good atmospheric sounds
Good vibes.
Out of the ordinary...with a unique sound! Nice creativity
Really neat mellow glitch sound.
Good mix! ^_^
very good
I really liked your remix! especially this part, has many details!
great synths. layers nicely. i like it
nice synth mixtures!
Cool intro!
Dark and haunting, quite to my taste:)
I'm already impressed!
Really cool percussion
cool moment !
Really like the brush work here!
New element somewhat abrupt, then the wash comes in and brings it together
cool track!!
This intro beat is nice
The cool place!
love it
still nice intro, listening again
excellent strangeness!
fascinating journey troughout.
strange - in a positive sense. feels like an astronaut lost in space.
Inception soundtrack flavour! Great stuff!
Like how you worked with the stems and the limitations. Very nice ideas.... kind of like subdued Pet Shop Boys or something
Ah, yeah. Love the vibe already
very smooth IMO
Chill nuff said
Go Frederic! super remix!
Very nice work
nice way to mix it up!
Fantastic drums, and this break sounds very unique and nice!
good job mate :)
impulsive !
i really love this part!
Great mixing!
I like your potpourri treatment of the track, highly original!
awesome drums brother!
enjoyed your creative take. Good luck!
love this section
cool groovy track Fred...
very creative part here!
oh putain le changement ! bien joué !
love that ..
The drums sound sick!
cool synth part! love this breakdown
I really like the way it flows. Great job.
Love how you're blending different genres into one remix. Very very cool!!
great sounds!
very nice tune! good luck!
Great and unique stuff! I like this!
yes. YESS!
god bless analog. this is great man. i love it.
pretty cinematic vibe
really enjoyed it, kudos for creativity
super creative applause
awesome intro !
excellent track, very unique style
décalé et mortel!!!
What a trip man! from heaven to hell! great atmosphere! Got my VOTE! good luck!
Great synth work! so abstract and unique!
All these sounds are so cool :D
haha this scream is a little scary :D
You probably like Justice! :D
amazing creative man!!
great trippy lead!
Great Stuff!
cool one!! not to mention very abstract
ton morceau est très fort !
Promising journey.
like a trip out in the space.
great effects , good job
Love the dark feel
one more time, great intro fred !
love the atmosphere of this remix
effective intro
There was a ton of variety in this mix. Pretty cool I must say!
something different, good job, I like the details
intense dimension et très typé, bon travail !
This sounds real live. GOOD WORK & GOOD LUCK.
Good dynamics
Nice bass! Big improvement man!
i like your mix...
Nice live feeling. I like your PF :)
Amazing intro!
Very film score like.
Crazy good mix. Enjoy the arrangement and beat.
Фредерик Delchambre,мне понравилось ,удачи.
great mix love your work
like this build-up and tension. Somebody mentioned AIR, yes, a dark version of AIR.
nice breakdown.
And cool industrial flavor too.
awesome atmosphere!
the distorted synth is excellent too
cool fx here :)
guitar is very nice
nice one here!
your world sounds kind a like mine :)
moogs make me happy :)
reminds me of AIR, nicely done mate
Great job!
creepy! good job!
Cool mix...
This is very unique and original
Cool intro here!
wow, change up!
some people have no real appreciation for good old fashioned synth work :)
wheres the earth shattering kaboom?
this part is dope...
you have so much creativity running thru your veins, enjoyed listening great job.....
lots of changes in this track
very different
vocals :)
Radical mix
Great feel
Nice mix !!
Deep breath feel !
sound chaotic weather! Good TRIAL.
experimental mix
interesting backdrop
Very nice!! +++
very cool
cool intro
Very good job Frederic
good work of Frederic
interesting way to end
Great !!
Intense builds!
Great intro
i like this section a lot
Love this part
cool beat
very nice, love the ambiance
Awesome work
Really cool one ! :)
cool start
Merci beaucoup for the nice track!
sweet vibe
silky smooth
nice cinematic touch
nice sub
good atmo
enjoying the "orchestral" soundscape!
I like the soundtrack quality of the mix. Cinematic.. Nice 1
nice ambience
when electronic music becomes organic

Thank's a lot to all of them,
to be continued ...